Pet Grooming and Hair Removal Kit

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3 IN ONE pet care & clean up kit including; 1 x grooming glove (right handed – ideal for dogs, cats & horses especially those with long hair) – 1 x Large Lint Roller – 1 x Small Travel Lint Roller

PET GROOMING GLOVE – featuring a 5-finger design and 178 soft silicon tips for easy comfortable and effective grooming and massaging of your pet. The back of the glove is made from a breathable mesh fabric to help prevent your hand from sweating. The glove also features an adjustable Velcro wrist strap. The silicon pad gently massages your pets skin while collecting pet hair which can then be easily peeled off and discarded

LARGE LINT ROLLER – re-usable and washable and comes with a protective plastic cover. Use for cleaning pet hair from many different surfaces including furniture, clothing, floors, vehicle upholstery. Also effective for removing fluff & dust. No need to purchase refills – the roller can be washed by hand under a running tap with warm water (and a little detergent if desired)

SMALL TRAVEL LINT ROLLER – includes all the features of the large roller in a convenient size for carrying in your pocket or handbag. Perfect for a quick clean-up of clothing while out and about or before an important business meeting etc. The handle folds to cover and protect the roller when not in use


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